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Specialized Universities In India: Do We Need Them?


“If the general definition of a university allows for any area of study to create a center of excellence within the university and become known for it, then, what the need for specialized universities is?” Asks Dr. Kamlesh Misra, President and CEO of Cordia Group of Institutions There is very little doubt that India needs more Universities to meet the rising ... Read More »

Modern Day Slavery in Higher Education

Modern Day Slavery in Higher Education

“Teachers have been working in the capacity of adhoc teachers not for one or two years but decades in some cases. Every four months they have to pray for renewal of their appointment.”   Says Dr. Usha Krishna, Associate Professor, Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi University A teacher ignites the minds, touches the hearts and shapes the future of youth. Teachers ... Read More »

Regulator Becomes Dictator of Universities

Regulator Turned Dictator

Regulator Becomes Dictator of Universities. The Status of various type universities varies in India as Central, State, Deemed to be, and Private Universities. But the UGC website added yet another category ‘Fake Universities’. The allotments of grants and extending facilities for R&D/ Projects are carried out as per the degree of status in sequential order mentioned above. In short any Research ... Read More »

Massive Internationalization of Higher Education

The major change evident in recent decades: Massive internationalization of higher education – is evident even in the traditional disciplines like science, economics and politics. This development is likely to continue, accelerate and expand into more sectors of our public and private life, predominantly in the labor market, driven not only by the exponential growth of world trade, global capital investment and ... Read More »

Ground Reality on CBCS and CFSD

Ground Reality on CBCS and CFSD

Ground Reality on CBCS and CFSD. UGC has directed all universities to reorganize examination grading system and the courses in order to introduce ‘Choice Based Credit System'(CBCS) and adoption of ‘Credit Framework for Skill Development’ (CFSD) from the coming academic session of 2015-16. The idea is very novel and it will help to study seamless subjects of students’ interest and ... Read More »

Recall stepping up to Logic in Medical Education

Transformation of Medical Education Process from Recall to Logic

By the turn of 20th century, the information, communication & technology had made huge inroads in the field of higher education, including medicine. Scenario all along had changed the recall stepping up to logic in medical education. The information which was so precious till yester century is now at the tip of “thumbs”. The communications which were hard to connect through are ... Read More »

An Indian Girl and planet’s environmental future

19 years old Yale freshman Riddhima Yadav from India stated, “We must create the future by design, not by accident.”

This is an abstract from the report that appeared in Yale News: An Indian Girl and planet’s environmental future. Yale freshman Riddhima Yadav addressed a group of world leaders and offered this bit of wisdom at a recent forum hosted by U.N. Women and the Mary Robinson Foundation. She stated, “We must create the future by design, not by accident.” ... Read More »


At a time when India is in the midst of rumbling economic crisis, the new NDA government had declared that health and education will be the core areas they will focus upon. With education being considered as a potential economic driver, lately the term ‘Knowledge Economy’ has gained importance, it makes sense. Smriti Irani is the second woman to adorn ... Read More »

How MHRD can revitalise education

The new government is now fully operational. It has absolute majority, therefore, it should be able to bring crucial reformations straight into action. Recently, there were unwarranted comments on the capacity of Smriti Irani, minister of human resource development, pointing out that she was not qualified enough for the job. But those who make such comments should realise that in ... Read More »

The Foreign Education Regulatory Bill has been a hot issue of debate

To an Indian student, there is nothing more prestigious than an international qualification. While statistics and common belief may show that US and UK as education hubs are drying up, there is popular demand for qualifications from these two countries. For a country with a population of 1.2 billion, who aspire an international degree without leaving their homeland, the University ... Read More »

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